Meet The E-Board


Hey everybody! I’m Zachary Sloan, and I’m a junior majoring in Mechanical Engineering! This will be my second year on the Explorchestra E-board and my third year in the club overall. I’ve written a few pieces so far, and I am super excited to write many more!

I am really excited to hold Explorchestra this year, and am looking forward to all the wonderful things this club has to offer, from the social events that foster Explorchestra’s fantastic community to the rehearsals that are the cornerstone of this organization. Let’s all make some great music together!


Hi everyone! I’m Eleanor Gully and I am Treasurer for Explorchestra! (Photo coming soon!) I’m a senior this year majoring in Politics, Philosophy, and Law (PPL), Economics, and French.
This year is my fourth year in Explo and third on the E-Board. I play the clarinet and love writing music for the group, with hopefully many more to come!


Bio and photo coming soon!


Hi my name is Shravani and I’m the Music Librarian of Explorchestra this year! This is my fourth year in Explo as a violinist and first year serving on the E-board. I’m currently in my second year of pharmacy school pursuing my PharmD. I’ve had a lot of fun and made some lifelong friends here for the past four years and hopefully for more to come! I can’t wait to see everyone in person again and make some more music with y’all!


Hi I’m Isaiah, Tech Specialist for Explorchestra. I’m a senior majoring in Engineering Physics and minoring in music, and I also play electric guitar for Explorchestra. I’m currently planning on pursuing a career in acoustic engineering, hopefully working in amplifier or microphone design. Most of my hobbies involve music in some way or another. I’m really into audio production, recording, composition, sound design, and pretty much all music technology (but mostly guitar and synthesizer tech). The first two of those definitely help me with my previous job as A/V specialist since I came into the position knowing how to use the technology and software (which I guess is kind of important). I’m happy to be on the Explorchestra E-Board and have the opportunity to help lead this wonderful group!


Hi! I’m Jessica Swift, the PR Manager for Explorchestra. I’m a senior double majoring in Computer Science and Mathematics, and I’ve been playing alto saxophone for Explorchestra since the beginning of my freshman year. I’m grateful for the opportunities Explorchestra has given me to continue playing throughout college and try my hand at composing a piece. I’m excited to serve on E-Board this year, and I can’t wait for all the great rehearsals to come!


My name is Briana Mannarino and I am the Historian of Explorchestra! I play the viola and this is going to be my 4th (and sadly, final) year in the group. I am a Senior Psychology and Theatre major, minoring in Italian. As the first Historian of Explorchestra I had lots of fun sharing our new ideas these past two years, and I can’t wait to share even more this year! Working on the group’s first yearbook and new website was a great experience and I can’t wait to do more. I am so excited to return this fall because this group is full of such incredibly talented and kind people, and I am pleased to serve as Historian for the third year in a row!