Meet The E-Board


Hey everybody! I’m Zachary Sloan, the President of Explorchestra. I’m a senior majoring in Mechanical Engineering, and an RA in Windham Hall in the Mountainview community. This will be my third year on the Explorchestra E-board and my fourth year in the club overall. I have written many pieces for Explo, and some works for the Harpur Jazz Ensemble. Currently, I am working on a musical and some orchestral pieces, and am excited as always to share my music!

I am thrilled that Explorchestra is able to operate normally this year, and am looking forward to all the wonderful things this club has to offer, from the social events that foster Explorchestra’s fantastic community to the rehearsals that are the cornerstone of this organization. We have some exciting plans for this year, so let’s all work hard and make some great music together!


Hi! I’m Olivia Vataj and I am the Vice President for Explorchestra! I am a sophomore violist majoring in PPL, and this is my first year as an officer. While I haven’t written any pieces yet, I hope to try my hand at composing this year. My favorite part of Explo is the chance to perform original and exciting pieces with such a welcoming community! I can’t wait to see the club grow this year and to make some great memories with everyone in this wonderful group


Hello! My name is Jarek He and I am a freshman majoring in biology. I have been playing violin since I was 6 and love being in Explorchestra. Besides Explo, I am a member of the Symphony Orchestra and the Chamber Ensemble. I can’t wait to see what I can do for Explorchestra!


Hi! My name is Emma Zablonski, I am a sophomore biochemistry major and the Music Librarian! This is my third semester in Explorchestra and my first semester as part of the E-Board. I play the electric bass as well as piano. I love rehearsing every Saturday and playing Telestrations with the club. Besides Explorchestra, I am also involved in the Treble Chorus on campus and the Choir Steering Committee. I am really excited for this semester – meeting new members, seeing returning members and working with the board!


My name is Meisi Williams, and I am the Tech Specialist for Explorchestra this year. I am a Senior majoring in Biological Sciences, and I play the Alto Saxophone. In my spare time I enjoy reading books, watching movies, and hiking in the nature preserve. This is my second year playing with Explorchestra, and I am super excited for what the year will bring! I can not wait to see some old friends and meet some new faces!


Hi! I’m Jessica Swift, the PR Manager for Explorchestra. I’m currently pursuing a graduate degree in teaching, and I’ve been playing alto saxophone for Explorchestra since the beginning of my freshman year. Explorchestra has given me the opportunity to continue playing throughout college and try my hand at composition. I’m excited to serve on E-Board again, and I can’t wait for another great year of Explo!


Hello!! I’m Caitlin Smith, the historian for Explorchestra. I’m a junior majoring in psychology and drawing, and this is my second year in Explo playing the violin. I’ve met so many wonderful people through this club and been able to play music I would’ve never had the chance to before !!


Hi! I’m Adam Abbey, the AV Specialist for Explorchesta. I’m a sophomore majoring in computer science. This is my second year in the club and I play the violin & auxiliary percussion. I love playing music with everyone and can’t wait to see what the club brings this year